About Me

My experience in the world of real estate dates back nearly 17 years, when at 20 years old my father traded me a piece of land that he owned as payment for a part time job at his medical practice. That was my first experience owning a piece of real estate, but it was not my last. Over the next 10 years I purchased two other properties. One I flipped and the other I own to this day as a revenue property. The experience I garnered over the years is backed by a bachelor's degree in finance and 5 years of experience as a mortgage specialist working at the National Bank of Canada.

The agreement I made with my father nearly 2 decades ago has lead me to have a passion for the industry. May it be looking for your dream home or a revenue property, I have the know-how and experience to guide you from A to Z throughout the process, in order for you to make a decision that is right for your lifestyle.

Based in NDG where I have lived most of his life, I know purchasing real estate is more than an investment. My knowledge of Montreal neighbourhoods, the schools, the proximity to public transportation and entertainment, makes me an optimal choice to guide you in a decision that will suit your lifestyle. My primary focus is to listen to your needs and desires.  I am attentive, hardworking and pride myself in finding properties that exceed your criteria.
When it comes to investing in real estate, I follow a value-based approach, looking for properties that provide the best long-term return and can provide you with a steady cash flow. I constantly search the market for deals, just like an old man cutting out coupons from a weekly flyer. That’s what drives me in becoming the best broker. My analytical skills allow me to negotiate for the best possible price, and in case there is a question I cannot answer immediately, I will find the answer within a short delay. 
My goal is to be the most attentive advisor when it comes to real estate. If you sense that’s not the case, I will happily help you find a person that suits your needs, but I'm confident it will never come to that.